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brother o

GoKart Fahrer

Posts: 10

realname: Oliver


Saturday, February 22nd 2020, 1:08pm

Now... I can't access cockpit view when spectating... and when I switched into the car it was like an extreme bumper cam... anyone have this happen before? Everything was great yesterday but rfactor2 seems to throw something new and weird up every fourth boot up. At the moment I'm trying to research and hoping all will be well in the hand off as I got cockpit view to work offline... may try again but afraid I might not be able to rejoin...

Just in case anyone is also spectating and felt like solving a mystery.
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Mr. GPL-Rank

Posts: 1,907

realname: Uwe Schuerkamp

rF name: Uwe Schuerkamp

LFS name: hoover

Occupation: Unix-Hacker

Gender: male

Location: Herford, Germany


Monday, February 24th 2020, 2:35pm

Hi Oliver,

I think you'll have to use the new forum over at from now on, it'll only be crickets here from now on I'm afraid.

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